Adrian Brudan

    General Manager
    TKI EMEA Adrian Brudan is the General Manager of The KPI Institute EMEA Region, a research institute specialized in business performance, which operates research programs in 12 practice domains ranging from strategy and KPIs to employee performance and from customer service to innovation performance. The KPI Institute is also considered today the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education. Adrian is an expert researcher, consultant and practitioner with 7 years of experience in the deployment and implementation of KPI Management Frameworks. He has been involved in designing and delivering the Institute’s KPI educational programs, aimed at competency development in the area of Performance Management and Measurement. He specialized in organizational performance measurement and management audit using internally researched and developed performance management capability maturity model frameworks. As an educator, Adrian has facilitated hundreds of training courses and advisory programs on performance management subject matters in multiple industry settings ranging from oil & gas industry, utilities and healthcare to military, finance and airline industry. As a consultant, he holds valuable experience both in Performance Management, and Project Management. His expertise and knowledge range from the implementation and review of performance management architecture, to KPI Scorecards and Dashboards design. Part of The KPI Institute consultants’ team since its inception, he was involved in several international projects reviewing performance management architectures and delivering educational programs for clients in Europe, North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia.


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