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Significance of Madinah

Significance of Madinah

Why Madinah?

url("Madinah, the second holiest city for Muslims, is a metropolis that has been attracting millions of people, mostly Muslims, for more than a thousand years now, also making it one of the most visited cities in the world. Known variously as Tabah, Taibah or Yathrib, the city gained prominence after Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) settled here after his migration from Mecca. Ever since, the city has held special importance in the hearts, lives and heritage of Muslims scattered across the globe. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) built the first ever mosque of Islam that is Masjid Al Qubaa as well as Masjid Al Nabawi (PBUH) in this very city. After Holy Ka’aba in Mecca, the Masjid Al Nabawi (PBUH) is one of the most visited places of worship by Muslims. Madinah has the distinction of being a favorite city of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH); he called this city His (PBUH) home. The city is also considered to be eternally blessed by Muslims with a belief that Allah (swt) chose its ground as the final resting place for the Prophet (PBUH). The city is commonly known as Al Madinah Al Munawara and it is located almost 250 kilometers east of the famous Red Sea, in North Western Saudi Arabia. The ancient city was bestowed with extremely fertile land and abundant water resources, making it a beautiful desert oasis surrounded by dry and rugged mountains from three sides. Madinah was also an important center of trade and commerce at the time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), due to its vicinity to natural trade routes and paths linking it with Egyptian and Syrian markets. Madinah is a true ancient city enriched with unique civilization and history spanning thousands of years before Prophet Jesus. What makes Madinah so distinct and unique is its multicultural populace, inherent willingness to welcome visitors from across the globe as well as its ancient and matchless legacy. The nooks and corners of  this city still reverberate with the teachings and ideas of Holy Prophet (PBUH) even fourteen centuries after he made this city his home. All these distinct characteristics make Madinah a city where cultures interact and fuse, where people learn and share knowledge with each other and receive both temporal and spiritual enlightenment in the process.")


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