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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Have you been promoted into a leadership position all of sudden? You have been a great employee for your organization but now you are in a position to influence everyone in your workplace. How this promotion has affected you and your work?

Great leaders influence their company’s direction to get into these kinds of roles. However, you need to understand the subtle difference between a high performing employee and a leader before acquiring any such position.

The Madinah Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship (MILE) conducts various executive education programs throughout the year for leaders and entrepreneurs. MILE’s programs provide these leaders with an insight into the global best practices and techniques prevailing in entrepreneurial world. They offer them a unique opportunity to learn new skills through business coaching by renowned speakers coming from global consulting firms and academic institutions who conduct these executive programs using the MILE’s platform.

There is an increasing demand for new expertise and skills to drive efficiency, innovation and effectiveness in corporate as well as public sectors because both of them incorporate a complex and dynamic environment. The challenges modern public and corporate sectors face demand them to have ethical, strategic and effective leadership. Leadership development programs conducted at MILE offer latest development tools and concepts that aim at transforming senior executives and high performing employees into thought leaders. The participants return to their organizations with the resources and knowledge as well as broader vision of success to make tough decisions to prevail in today’s extremely competitive global economy.

These programs incorporate world class faculty, live original case studies and quality content. Participants will attain following skills by attending these programs.

  • Better insight of latest public and corporate sector fundamentals.
  • Better understanding of value creation in both public and corporate sector environments.
  • Required confidence to make tough and right decisions at organizational and national level.
  • Formulate a leadership philosophy that is consistent with expectations and values of your team as well as your critical leadership goals.
  • Controlling your emotions and using them for successfully developing interpersonal relationship in order to improve your team’s productivity.
  • To bridge the gap between your strategy and success of your mission by creating an increasingly cost effective, responsive and interoperable governance model.
  • Benchmark experiences and skills by becoming a part of international peer group network.
  • Increase self-awareness, confidence and enhance leadership skills.
  • Learn new skills and techniques from global best practice, benchmarks and general trends from high performance governments and corporate organizations from growing economies.
  • Interact with successful role models who have vast experience of transforming organizations in rapidly changing environments.


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