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Business and Living Environment

Business and Living Environment


Long a home to foreign workers and visiting executives, Saudi Arabia offers an exceptional array of secure, comfortable, luxurious living arrangements for short-term and long-term visitors that provide an enjoyable experience of advanced modern life.

The Kingdom’s famous compounds offer first-rate security in a country with already extremely low crime rates, as well as impressive entertainment and leisure facilities such as swimming pools, supermarkets, fitness clubs, bowling alleys, and even golf courses.

Workers bringing their families to the country can share all of these amenities with the many other expatriate families leading comfortable lives in Saudi Arabia, along with an array of first-rate international schools for their children in every city. State-of-the art health facilities are located throughout the country, staffed by physicians and specialists from across the world.

In addition to these essentials, visitors to Saudi Arabia can enjoy an endless array of unique and distinctive activities, whether they are looking for spectacular cultural sites, sporting events, shopping, or simply a desert picnic under the stars.


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